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Vacuum Cup coca bottle stainless steel

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Vacuum Cup coca bottle stainless steel


750ml atlasware future cola shape double-wall stainless steel vacuum sports water bottles keep hot or cold

product logo:Can be in accordance with customer requirements to do silk screen printing, thermal transfer, or laser marking, or gas dye printing, etc.


1.double wall stainless steel sport bottle

2.vacuum thermos

3.easy to carry




This product capacity of a total of  4 optional:

Capacity size (height diameter) package gross net weight

220ml 18.5*7.3cm 40pcs/ctn/64.5*41*20.5cm 7.8/9.8kgs

350ml 22*7.3cm 40pcs/ctn/64.5*41*24.5cm 10.3/12.3kgs

500ml 27*7.3cm 40pcs/ctn/64.5*41*29.5cm 10.8/13.8kgs

1000ml 33.5*8.4cm 20pcs/ctn/47*38*36cm 9.2/11.2kgs



Product Name: stainless steel vacuum heat preservation cold coke bottle

Product material: high quality 304 stainless steel

Product capacity: 350ML (product image on the right side of a)

Product size: 22*7.3cm (height * diameter)

Product logo: can be in accordance with customer requirements to do silk screen printing, thermal transfer, or laser marking, or gas dye printing, etc..

Product packaging: box/7.8*7.8*22.5cm 1pc/opp+white

Product packing material: 40pcs/ctn/64.5*41*24.5cm

Product weight: 10.3/12.3kgs




Can be customized according to customer requirements, logo, packaging, etc.. The company was founded in 2000, specializing in the production of manufacturing all kinds of stainless steel cup, with professional production technology and skilled technical workers, strict quality control, the products sell well in the United States, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries home.

Procurement processes and methods :

1 telephone consultation You see our products, please record commodity number, then put your procurement requirements tell us, such as the requirements, whether the invoice number, logo and text order, delivery time etc. & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; our sales staff will according to your requirements will give you a quotation and answer some of your questions

2 gifts see sample set After consulting and negotiation, you have a clear demand for our gifts, in order to further understand the choice of gifts, you can contact our company to see the actual sample or buy send samples. After the confirmation of the gift, you buy the gifts we offer to sign the contract, we will be in accordance with the contract agreement for your service.

3 design drawings proofing confirmation After the signing of the contract for the sale, in order to guarantee the product quality, we of customized gifts or logo text processing the customer requirements, to confirm our design effect drawings or actual samples, orders for mass production. (need to check the effect diagram, sample proofing confirmation)

4 big production The effect diagram, the sample is confirmed, we are to confirm the kind of arrangement.

5 inspection payment After the completion of the production of products, you can pay the end of the inspection after the field inspection, but also can ask us to send samples to you.

6 delivery or delivery You can pick up the gift after acceptance, you can ask us to give you the logistics delivery!

Printing logo process:

1 Screen printing & amp; mdash; namely the screen printing, special printing process printed desired patterns and text can be printed on the need of various colors, marks a clear, bright color, cost by color meter is used most commonly used in the printing process. Advantages: bright colors!

2. Laser & amp; mdash; namely, laser marking, stainless steel parts of the cup body with laser etching out patterns and text, single color, patterns and characters can not be worn. It is mainly used in stainless steel cups and other material of the cup body. Advantages: not easy to wear, for the color of the glass is better.

3. Glue & amp; mdash; the adhesive paste, with transparent or colored stickers attached to the cup body and the cup box, bright colors, a variety of colors, marks a clear, low cost, urgent needed goods can this method. Advantages: bright colors, short duration!

4 heat transfer printing & mdash; the flower film is attached to a cup of hot transfer printing, suitable for multi - color LOGO, bright color, not easy to fall off!

5 air & mdash; that is, through the printing of paper printing paper, like a vase, a long period of time!

Three Hai Industrial Co., Ltd. - stainless steel cup pot manufacturer, mainly produces not embroidered steel insulation Cup, sport pot, space maker, automobile cup, gift cup, coffee pot, tourist kettle. Product design, production of sophisticated, healthy fashion, complete specifications, the price is reasonable. Can also be customized according to customer requirements and customer authorization printing logo.


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