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A glass of ice drink is a little thing, but it allows us to observe the way good The following are the same as the "

2017-06-01 14:27:40

            A glass of ice drink is a little thing, but it allows us to observe the way good The following are the same as the "

 Chengdu, a sanitation workers want to drink a glass of ice drink, to the beverage shop said "to the cup the cheapest". The cheapest have 6 dollars, but also in the cup, he hesitated, but also decided to. At this time the clerk girl lied to a member discount, 4 dollars gave him a big cup. This thing fell into the eyes of users, into a microblogging; microblogging less than 4 days to get more than 18,000 times the point of praise.

Netizens in praise what?

 Praise respect. The amount of two dollars is not much, but this "membership discount" cover is very moving. The recipient did not hurt the dignity at all, or even without notice. Do something good is not too difficult, the difficulty is so intimate and respect for people. We have seen a lot of "sigh, eat" type of charity, but also photo, but also to thank the letter, and sometimes have to "tearful", recipients get some help, but forced to become actors and even props. This tends to make charity tastes.

 Praise "for the good people do not know" way. "The story is false, the value of the tendency is true, the ancients put the words" is not good, Interested in good, hope for the benefits, called Jia Yi City, that the good business done, the style is not high. The clerk girl to hide the good hold, as if not done, this no trace, just in line with the ancient meaning of the city.

 In Zhang Yimou's award-winning film "old well", Wang Quan would like to drink saliva, Qiao Ying but throw a lot of grass into the water. Seems to look down on people, Qiao Ying later explained that the day is too hot, drinking water anxious, the body is not good, put the grass down, let him blow and drink side to drink. This detail, known as one of the most affectionate details, is wonderful in mind. Do something, chest shot day ring, in the end is really good, or show off their love it?

 Good heart, Mencius said: compassion, everyone has it. And good practice is not good, especially how to make the best results, may also need a good effort under a lot of effort. Clerk girl "beautiful lies" is a law, we must learn the essence of it: respectful respect, pay attention to the way.

 Of course, that "for the good do not know", but also not absolute. Beijing Chaoyang District, a retired nurse, the obligation to take care of empty nest for several decades. She was interviewed, his wife felt publicity, she said: "I am not famous, old are old, to this virtual name to do what? I want everyone to care about empty nest old!" We are against the show, is flashy, is Count, not against the normal spread.

 Lu Xun's "a little thing", the driver knocked the old man, could have fled, but threw off the business insisted on helping the elderly, this behavior to squeeze the author "leather robe hidden under the 'small' to". This little cup of ice drink, is also a small thing, but it allows us to observe the way good, really intriguing.

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