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Baby kettle how to choose

2017-07-27 10:52:58

1, see material:
If it is to buy vacuum cold children dedicated kettle and insulation Cup, the material selection should be used to buy bottles made of high quality imported stainless steel, from the appearance of the pattern is difficult to use stainless steel to fall off; and plastic parts must be food grade PP plastic. Sports kettle material to choose high-purity aluminum, must pay attention to the use of pure water bottle brand 99.5% pure aluminum, because most manufacturers are using recycled aluminum, so buy children's kettle is best to choose some professional, quality assurance The brand to buy.
2, see spout:
The key to picking the children's kettle is the sealing of the part of the spout, and the sealing of the spout part depends on the degree of fit between the lid and the spout thread. If the fit is not high enough, in the course of normal use may be the phenomenon of leakage of water, and will bring a lot of inconvenience to use, which in this regard must have a lot of parents have had some unpleasant experience. In addition, now a lot of informal place to buy children's kettle mouth thread edge is sharp, although scratched fingers and lips is not a lot of things, but still occasional. A good child's kettle will be more user-friendly processing and processing, that is, the edge of the thread made of arc, so as to completely eliminate even a small probability of scratching the possibility of fingers and lips.
3, see certification:
Purchase children's kettle need to pay attention to whether through the relevant certification, first of all to see whether the manufacturers through the quality system certification, through rigorous certification of manufacturers from the manufacturing, quality management system can put an end to a lot of problems. Important reference: the most basic is there through the National Quality and Technical Supervision of the test.
4, see details:
Good children's kettle, if carefully observed, there will be some obvious in the details of the performance: a good kettle surface and the internal will be very smooth, no exposed, blistering, depression or because of impurities caused by the protrusions; pot body silk screen pattern printing Even in the lid, because the material is different, will be in color, gloss and texture are different, can feel the higher quality, and some brands will be in the The lid and the bottom of the kettle are marked.

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