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Cleaning exercise kettle 7 tips: clever use of washing bottles do not forget to forget the lid

2017-07-24 14:49:09

Sports Kettle is one of the essential equipment for all running enthusiasts, and because the sports kettle is often equipped with some more viscous and sweet sports drinks, coupled with the impact of hydration, it is easy to breed a lot of bacteria The If you can regularly clean the exercise cup, you can effectively extend its service life.

1. Clean by hand. After the completion of a running training, the best way to clean the cup is to clean the hand, with the warm water and some cleaning agents, the focus is the bottom of the cup. We do not need to use special tools or materials, only the general cleaning agent is enough to complete.

2. clever use of bottle washing brush. Some sports cups are narrow and narrow, and the openings are narrow, which requires the use of some bottles of brush, this tool can be bought in the ordinary supermarket kitchenware area, if you drink sports drinks more viscous, you can also use the wash Bottle brush to remove the traces of its residue, which is more clean than the direct wash with water.

Do not forget the lid. In the course of your running and drinking sports drink, the beverage will usually have some sticky on the lid, which requires you to clean the time must not miss this link. Sometimes we have washed the cups clean enough, but because of the neglect of the lid, the bacteria began to breed from here.

4. Do not use a dishwasher to clean. It's always easy to throw your sports cups directly into the dishwasher, but the water temperature in the dishwasher is close to the boiling point. This temperature usually causes some plastic products to deform, Usually a layer of coating, in a continuous high temperature environment will greatly shorten its life. In addition, the dishwasher for the lid some dead ends may seem helpless.

5. Remember to run after each run. As if you usually use all the cups, for the sports cup you'd better after each use of a cleaning, even if you do not drink sports drinks and only drink some of the water, but you run in the process of drinking Time, your face sweat and some of the mouth of the residue may also be left in the cup, if not timely cleaning, which will also become a breeding ground for bacteria.

6. Avoid excessive cleaning. If you are cleaning the sports cup too hard, or directly use the steel ball and other items, then basically declare your cup is about to be put into the waste box. In addition, we should avoid the flow of chemicals such as bleach into our cup, because if you use these items without the full rinse it, it may be your next drinking water pollution, affecting our health, so that we In the running of nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

7. Know when to discard them. Even if you care very carefully, but the total will inevitably appear one or two negligence, making the sports cup is not completely or completely without cleaning, when a sports cup is used many times later, it will inevitably breed some bacteria. When you find through the hot water, freshener, bottle washing brush and other means can not completely remove the bacteria inside, it has to give you the time to give up this sport cup.

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