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How to buy stainless steel vacuum bottle

2017-07-26 11:12:30

You may have bought a stainless steel vacuum cup Oh all know, now on the market of stainless steel vacuum cup type is very much, but the quality I believe that many friends do not know how to identify, such as in the supermarket, the two looks like Almost the price difference is several times the following and Xiaobian together to find out how to buy stainless steel vacuum bottle.
First, in the purchase of the cup, if the conditions, you can take their fancy cup, pour water into the inside, and then tighten the cap. Wait for a few minutes, then touch the outer surface of the cup to see if there is a clear temperature, if there is a clear temperature, then the cup has lost the vacuum or is not a vacuum cup, it can not achieve the effect of insulation The
Second, in the purchase of insulation Cup should pay attention to observe the qualified label or certificate. Now on the market a lot of poor quality insulation materials used by the serious substandard, some cups with a certain concentration of salt blisters after a period of time may also produce rust. This shows that it contains some elements of excessive, and will endanger the health of the human body, when used in the purchase of the best look at whether there is a certificate, or buy back after the concentration of 1% of the color soak for some time. Third, because the vacuum cup is divided into two layers, there is a liner. And the depth of the liner and the height of the cup shell almost. Many bad business fraud, in some cups to add sand, cement and other things to impersonate the weight. So Xiaobian suggested that you can shake the time in the purchase of quilt, to see if there is a sound inside the cup, if any, it is best not to buy.

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