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Principle and Life of Stainless Steel Insulation Cup

2017-08-15 11:01:55

Vacuum cups according to their production in different ways, simply divided into a tail vacuum cup without tail vacuum cup (or called the overall vacuum cup). A tail vacuum cup is made with a vacuum exhaust table, similar to a glass thermos and a large tube. In the vacuum exhaust table, plug the vacuum cup (vacuum cup at the bottom of the exhaust copper tube). After taking the <2 × E23Pa vacuum degree, use the hydraulic clamp, shear the brass tube, and then enter the next few processes: paint, glue, electrolysis, polishing, pressure at the end, packaging and other processes.

No tail vacuum cup is in a vacuum brazing furnace, by vacuuming, vacuum brazing, and then cooling out of the furnace, electrolysis, polishing, packaging and other processes.
The length of the vacuum cup holding time depends on the structure of the cup and the thickness of the material may be.

① large capacity, small diameter vacuum cup holding time is longer, on the contrary small capacity, large diameter vacuum cup holding time is shorter;

② the thinner the material, the longer the insulation time, but the cup is easy to break and deformation, affecting the service life;

③ vacuum cup liner outer layer of metal film and copper and other measures can also increase the degree of insulation.

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