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Stainless steel cup Usage

2017-09-29 16:10:16

Stainless steel cup Usage:

space bottle series

1, the first use before the liner should be washed clean.
2, first with a small amount of hot water or ice water washing the liner, (do not use the ball ball cleaning) and then drained, and then re-filling the water or ice water to ensure better insulation.
3, after each use, please clean, keep dry.
4, should not be long-term storage of carbonated drinks in the cup to extend the life of the insulation cup.
5, do not close to heat, not violent impact.
6, placed in the children can not reach the place, so as not to burn.
Stainless steel cup Note:
(1). To avoid burns, please note:
A. avoid children can be free to get;
B. Do not quickly tilt the bottle when drinking;
C. Do not pour too much into the drink to avoid spillover when the switch is on the switch;
D. Do not use in driving;
E. Do not open the switch and cover in the state of the product tilting or switching,
F. Do not vibrate or shake when the product is hot.
(2). Please do not boil the lid and switch to avoid deformation.
(3) Do not immerse the whole cup in water when cleaning.

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