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Stainless steel vacuum cup of the optional editor

2017-09-07 16:54:43

Stainless steel vacuum cup of the optional editor
For some consumers, do not understand the principle, often spent a lot of money can not buy the roses of the product. How can we buy high-quality vacuum insulation cup?

space bottle series

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First look at the appearance of the cup: a look at the liner and outside the surface of the polished surface is uniform, whether there are bumps and scratches flaws
Two look at the mouth of the welding is smooth and consistent, the relationship between a drink when the feeling is comfortable;
Three to see the poor quality plastic parts. Not only will affect the service life, but also affect the drinking water health;
Four to see whether the internal seal is tight. Whether the plug and cup are fit. Spinning is free, whether it is leaking. Filled with a glass of water inverted four or five minutes or forced to shake a few times to verify whether the water leakage. Look at the insulation properties, which is the main technical indicators of the vacuum cup. The general purchase can not be in accordance with the standard inspection, but can be filled with hot water after the hand check, do not keep the cup into the hot water two minutes after the bottom of the cup will be fever, and the bottom of the cup is always cool.
Specifically, the following methods:
1, vacuum insulation performance simple identification method: the water into the insulation cup clockwise tighten the stopper or lid 2-3 minutes after hand touch the outer surface of the cup body, if the cup body has a significant warm phenomenon, that product Has lost the vacuum, can not achieve a good insulation effect.
2, sealing performance identification method: in the cup of water, the clockwise direction tighten the cork and lid, the cup flat on the table, should be no water leakage; cup and cup of the rotation should be flexible, no gap The
3, plastic parts identification method: food grade new plastic is characterized by small smell, bright surface, no burr, long life is not easy to aging. Ordinary plastic or recycled plastic is characterized by large odor, dark gray, more burrs, easy to break the plastic easy to break.
4, the capacity of simple identification method: the depth of the liner and the height of the shell is basically the same, (16-18MM difference) capacity and nominal value consistent. Some of the poor quality of the cup in the cup to add sand, cement block to make up for the missing weight. Mistakes: cup (pot) heavier is not necessarily good.
5, stainless steel material easy to identify: a lot of stainless steel specifications, of which 18/8 that this stainless steel material containing 18% chromium, containing 8% nickel, to meet the standards of the material, in line with national food standards are green products, Rust, corrosion resistance. Ordinary stainless steel cup color appears white and dark, if the concentration of 1% of the salt water soak for 24 hours will produce rust, which contains some of the elements exceeded the direct harm to human health.

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