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Vacuum cup and insulation cup difference

2017-08-23 15:20:53

Vacuum cup and insulation cup difference

Vacuum cup, also known as vacuum insulation cup, made of stainless steel plus vacuum layer of water equipment, the top of the cover, the seal is very tight, and vacuum insulation cup insulation layer installed in the internal liquid to slow down the cooling effect, to achieve the purpose of insulation The Ordinary insulation cup is the role of insulation, vacuum insulation cup is the general insulation of the extension products. Today, many of the front-end brands of brand insulation products are vacuum insulation Cup, can keep hot water and ice water.
 Vacuum cup and insulation cup

First, the vacuum cup and insulation on the difference between the material
Ordinary insulation cup in the choice of materials on a variety of ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, purple and glass. The special vacuum cup, vacuum insulation cup is only stainless steel as raw material to join the vacuum layer composed of cup body.
Second, the difference between the vacuum cup and insulation cup price
The general market on the sale of the ordinary insulation Cup is only played a heat insulation effect, into the hot water, the insulation is usually about two to three hours or so, this ordinary insulation cup in the price and vacuum insulation cup price difference Far away, we should carefully look at the purchase of insulation cups business, do not casually in the street to buy, this relatively cheap insulation Cup its safety, thermal performance and so can not be guaranteed.
 Vacuum cup and insulation cup difference
Third, the vacuum cup and insulation cup insulation performance difference
Vacuum insulation cup with cold, heat-resistant features, high vacuum vacuum cup of the insulation effect can reach 10 hours. The general insulation of the insulation cup is low, heat dissipation than the vacuum cup to strong, insulation performance can usually reach two to three hours.
Fourth, the vacuum cup and insulation cup touch feel difference
In a minute to the cup into the boiling water, and then touch the cup by the body to produce a difference, hot is not a vacuum insulation Cup, just belong to the ordinary simple insulation cup, then do not hot for the vacuum insulation Cup, vacuum insulation cup general Can be insulated for more than 6 hours, the vacuum rate can reach 10 hours or so.
Summary: In summary, in the material, the vacuum cup generally use the role of stainless steel and vacuum layer, and ordinary insulation in a variety of forms in the market; in price, insulation performance speaking, vacuum insulation cup than the general insulation Cups to be high, but the insulation performance is excellent, time-consuming; feel through the touch can also be known that the difference between the vacuum cup and insulation cup, if hot water can be hot to the outer wall of the cup is shown as an insulation cup, The vacuum cup.

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